Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Book Club *The Librarian*

Wassap guys, it's been a long time... Looking back at previous posts I kind of cringe on what I thought was good electronic music. Some of the music has some merit being big name classics, but who in EDM is all about that? Well me.. actually..hue. I mean lets not lie to ourselves here, sites like thissongissick and thissongslaps drive the a lot of what is electronically popular in terms of music but sites like those are just the surface layer. Not every artists who produces quality music gets the publicity he or she deserves. Damn hipsters.. actually making sense... well I blame my generation, which I still viciously represent -.-

Not saying this artist I am about to introduce to some of you doesn't get publicity, she's kinda a big deal already. Co-producing the festival known as Bass Coast, I consider her one of the heavyweights and one of my new favorite artists with her unique bass and cuts. It's so close to trap I can taste it, nom nom nom. She repeatedly proves her unending knowledge rocking the stages at Burning Man and Shambhala. Her soundcloud shapes her image, complete with glasses, as serving up a veritable who's who of West Coast bass scene and reaching depths both backwards and forwards, The Librarian offers up unabashedly harding-hitting low-end bliss paired with thoughtful, sophisticated chops.

A good place to start to fully understand what it is to be a part of 'the book club' is a thrumming bassy tune (complete with her own vocals i wanna say):
Arctic Swallow - The Librarian 
If that somehow didn't catch your attention, and make your head swang a lil I guarantee that this mix will get you moving:
Bass Coast Minimix Series - The Librarian 

Now if your looking for free content her slowcast is very impressive and will keep your ears entertained for a long time.

Till next time,

*thinking about writing a piece on brain music for next time* whoa man... brainwaves and science...