Thursday, December 16, 2010

>> Post #9: Remixes and Dubstep

Now most traditional dubstep songs have no vocals or a couple vocal samples durning drops and cuts. Alas we all know that being human means that traditional is never good enough. A genre that started from Dj's with turn tables with smooth beats, now cranks up the base and shovels the filth onto any song out there. Some people dig it, some people don't, but is it a bad thing to do?

Hell nah!

Some of the best dubstep I have heard are remixes but on the other hand some remixes suck ass. There is one rule I follow when it comes to remixes. Did the artist respect the original track? It's just pathetic to listen to a great song morphed into garbage. If your going to remix a song, do it right. Don't take away from the catchy beat/vocals of the original and replace it with your own drivel. Add to those parts and make it even better.

Thanks to Smatchimo commenting on a previous post, I came across this remixed gem:

Now to list some other remixes I think you guys might enjoy:

Cyberoptix: This guy is incredible, hes had a beatport #1 song,  but the rest of his work is mostly unknown. This is one of my favorite remixes:
Dinosaurs With Guns by Teki Latex

Joint Forces: I posted about these guys a couple days ago. I've contacted Chewie in Joint Forces and he told me his Magnetic track is going to be signed soon and he'll let me know when its produced. If you want know more about what Im talking about click here.
Dried Up by Dash Exp

Skrillex: Some easier to recognize remixes come from Skrillex, and boy do they rock! Skrillex really does a good job with his remixes, he respects the track hes throwing down on and turns it into something even better.
Rock That Body by Black Eyed Peas

Plan B: Altho this is not a dubstep band, a ton of their songs have seen remixes. Dubstep artists Doctor P, Nero and 16bit have incredible remixes of Plan B tracks. I'll let you guys check those out on your own because there are tons. Youtube is your friend.


  1. great post, never heard that skrillex song (this is smatch btw)

  2. I sent you an email asking you some questions, did you get it?

  3. My favorite dubstep songs all have vocals and samples. :3

  4. I don't even like black eyed peas but that remix was awesome.