Wednesday, December 15, 2010

>> Post #8: Mimosa

Mimosa is an uprising star. He's been all over the west coast playing with the big boys of dubstep, making his claim to fame. I have been listening to Mimosa for some time now (my claim to fame), his myspace used to be a favorite of mine because none of his songs were anywhere else. His music has made lots of experiences in college (that I won't go into further detail) a jolly ol' time. Being more psychedelic, I don't think he gets the recognition he deservers. Just because his productions aren't main stream party music doesn't mean its not good music.

Probably one of my favorite works of Mimosa, Sirius really fills your mind full of fuck! I love all his tracks, which is hard to say for most artists these days. I just really wish I could download some of his myspace songs because some are not included on his EPs.

His Myspace:
Drippin Like, is a great song but only on his myspace!

I know this isn't hardcore dubstep, but for you bassfreaks I introduce you to grimy filth.

FYP (VIP) by Chrispy
System Overload by Dee Jay Mee
and a obligatory link too Bonkers (Doorly Remix)
Godzila by Egyptrixx

I hope your ears hurt.


  1. mimosa is the shit!!! had the good fortune of seeing him play with Antenae

  2. Lol sweet, give me links! Unfamiliar name, the only artist that I've found close to Mimosa is Ed Solo.

  3. and maybe Marty Party, but he has way more wobble.

  4. This is great music!

  5. Honestly, I'm not usually into dubstep, but this track is pretty good! :)