Tuesday, December 14, 2010

>> Post #7: My gears are ground

You know what really grinds my gears? When a music fanatic has 6 youtube videos loading, 3 music artists myspaces open, 4 sound cloud tabs open, 3 music blogs open AND ONE OF THEM IS BLARING MUSIC SOMEWHERE IN A DISTANT CORNER FORCING ME TO FIND IT AND PAUSE IT SO I CAN LISTEN TO THE SONG I WANTED TOO!

/end rant

I almost lost my sanity just trying to listen to this song, so I might as well post it.



  1. i just had a similar experience and closed everything at once. reopened FF and had all the same tabs come up : / i raged. cool song though lol

  2. Yes, it´s really annoying.

    The search for the intruder is exhausting =P

  3. not only is it exhausting, but it's like torture. the feeling is very unnerving. maybe its just me though.

    thanks for the comment on the new blog btw man, i appreciate it.