Friday, December 3, 2010

>> Post #5: Back to Dubstep

So I felt bad to those dubstep lovers after the last post. I know you guys want some whompy filthage, so try these links out for size!

Imma start it off big, I think this song deserves way more recognition then it gets and I can't get enough of it. My favorite Flux Pavilion remix of all time.
Gold Dust

That song is bumpin but lets go more hardcore.
Calypso by Datsik and Excision 
Pornstep by Dodge and Fuski 
Ginger Pubes by Cookie Monster 
Clap Your Hands by Drumsound and Bassline Smith
Geisha by Cyberoptix 

My next post will be about some softer, trippier dub so stay tuned!