Friday, December 3, 2010

>> Post #4: The Glitch Mob (more diversity!)

Now most people don't see The Glitch Mob as a dubstep artist but The Glitch Mob share alot of similarities. The Glitch Mob puts out great jams not quite as bass heavy or filthy but I guarantee most of you who read this will like their music. A lot of their songs are casted in Ski Movies such as Everyday is a Saturday. I would define The Glitch Mob as epic rather than filth. Its defiantly its own style of music not shared by many other bands. The only band off the top of my head that sounds like The Glitch Mob is Justice and in the links below you can listen to some of their more popular songs. When I think ski movie I think Ghosts N Stuff (Deadmau5), The Glitch Mob and Justice. These 3 bands have some of the best shredding songs ever.

I wouldn't think you would need a link to Ghosts N Stuff but here it is anyway =D.

The Glitch Mob: (I just downloaded their album "Drink the Sea" its great I suggest you guys check it out.)
Beyond Monday
Animus Vox
Drive It Like You Stole It

Waters of Nazareth  (takes some finesse to listen to and enjoy, but hey we listen to dubstep dont we?)
The O so popular D.A.N.C.E.

Hope you guys like these artists!


  1. I can always appreciate some glitch mob in my life.

  2. I've never really gotten into it before, but I might have a listen to some of these, can't hurt to try new things xD