Tuesday, November 23, 2010

>> Post #1: A Lesson of Dubstep

As some of you might be able to tell, I have hopped on the bandwagon of the magical musical mash of Dubstep. Now most people think that Dubstep just popped up with the ever so famous song Sierra Leone by Mt Eden. Mt Eden has over 6 million views on youtube and I might add is a pretty bumping song. I even find myself bobbing my head slowly back and forth to this addicting tune when it comes up on shuffle. Alas the sick cuts and wobble didn't just crop up from nothing. Like most genres of music the modern day Dubstep associated with Bassnectar, Flux Pavillion, Doctor P (both signed by Circus Records), and Datsik are derived from the older DJ's who had less WHOMP and more jazz influences. Such as Skream and Burial, who produce a much smoother kind of Dubstep. I do enjoy these two older Dubstep DJ's and that type of smoother dubstep. Usually only when I want to chill out, relax, and let my mind float or do some homework. When I want to get my bounce on, I crank the bass and turn up the whompage.

Now there is a difference between what I call "Whompstep" and "Smoothstep". Whompstep is more of the everyday Dubstep that show up in the UFKDubstep Youtube channel and Smoothstep is a type of dubstep not as recognized. Mainly due to you party animals out there, because lets be honest here; who wants to dose up and go listen to some electrified jazz in this day and age? Party people want go out and feel the whomp pulsing through their bodies, while they lose their minds to sick bass drops and epic cuts.

I can see some people now scratching there head, not knowing what to make of the word whomp. Well Mt Eden has some very good examples of whomp. After the intro right as the main beat comes in, so does the whomp. Imagine your trying to sing the song like you would any other song that you've memorized. To make similar sounds as the song *at least when I do it* your find your mouth spews "wham wham wham" while making a fish face. That is what I like to call the whomp, the more Whompstep you listen to the more you recognize the whomp sample in the track. A track with some very prominent whomp is Kyrian Bee Bop by Bassnectar.

I will now leave you with these gems of knowledge and my favorite Bassnectar song straight off new his EP, WILD STYLE METHOD WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP!!! (I might be a little bias towards Bassnectar. I have seen him in concert, he is outrageously awesome and he blew my mind into outerspace).


  1. great, i love your post. ive been wanting to do one on Mt. Eden as well, but if you see my blog, Mt. Eden really doesnt fit in there :D