Sunday, December 19, 2010

Post #10: Kaza

Kaza has epic bass and epic cuts. He has a song with so much bass its blown my speakers, and that is all a great dubstep artists should need. A relatively unknown artist Kaza has blown my mind away with one of his tracks. In the song Forever, he some how combines the gentleness of lofty synths with a huge basslines that shakes walls. All I can suggest for this track is turn the volume to 10 and hold on to your chair.

Not only can he throw down epic bass. Hes got some crazy remixes up his sleeve. This remix of The Island by Pendulum, a popular dnb band, Kaza has respected the track and laid down a dirty remix.

Kaza looks like a very promising dubstep artists and Im excited to see what other work he comes up with. I've subscribed to his everything, his everything being:

Soundcloud - free downloads


Thursday, December 16, 2010

>> Post #9: Remixes and Dubstep

Now most traditional dubstep songs have no vocals or a couple vocal samples durning drops and cuts. Alas we all know that being human means that traditional is never good enough. A genre that started from Dj's with turn tables with smooth beats, now cranks up the base and shovels the filth onto any song out there. Some people dig it, some people don't, but is it a bad thing to do?

Hell nah!

Some of the best dubstep I have heard are remixes but on the other hand some remixes suck ass. There is one rule I follow when it comes to remixes. Did the artist respect the original track? It's just pathetic to listen to a great song morphed into garbage. If your going to remix a song, do it right. Don't take away from the catchy beat/vocals of the original and replace it with your own drivel. Add to those parts and make it even better.

Thanks to Smatchimo commenting on a previous post, I came across this remixed gem:

Now to list some other remixes I think you guys might enjoy:

Cyberoptix: This guy is incredible, hes had a beatport #1 song,  but the rest of his work is mostly unknown. This is one of my favorite remixes:
Dinosaurs With Guns by Teki Latex

Joint Forces: I posted about these guys a couple days ago. I've contacted Chewie in Joint Forces and he told me his Magnetic track is going to be signed soon and he'll let me know when its produced. If you want know more about what Im talking about click here.
Dried Up by Dash Exp

Skrillex: Some easier to recognize remixes come from Skrillex, and boy do they rock! Skrillex really does a good job with his remixes, he respects the track hes throwing down on and turns it into something even better.
Rock That Body by Black Eyed Peas

Plan B: Altho this is not a dubstep band, a ton of their songs have seen remixes. Dubstep artists Doctor P, Nero and 16bit have incredible remixes of Plan B tracks. I'll let you guys check those out on your own because there are tons. Youtube is your friend.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

>> Post #8: Mimosa

Mimosa is an uprising star. He's been all over the west coast playing with the big boys of dubstep, making his claim to fame. I have been listening to Mimosa for some time now (my claim to fame), his myspace used to be a favorite of mine because none of his songs were anywhere else. His music has made lots of experiences in college (that I won't go into further detail) a jolly ol' time. Being more psychedelic, I don't think he gets the recognition he deservers. Just because his productions aren't main stream party music doesn't mean its not good music.

Probably one of my favorite works of Mimosa, Sirius really fills your mind full of fuck! I love all his tracks, which is hard to say for most artists these days. I just really wish I could download some of his myspace songs because some are not included on his EPs.

His Myspace:
Drippin Like, is a great song but only on his myspace!

I know this isn't hardcore dubstep, but for you bassfreaks I introduce you to grimy filth.

FYP (VIP) by Chrispy
System Overload by Dee Jay Mee
and a obligatory link too Bonkers (Doorly Remix)
Godzila by Egyptrixx

I hope your ears hurt.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

>> Post #7: My gears are ground

You know what really grinds my gears? When a music fanatic has 6 youtube videos loading, 3 music artists myspaces open, 4 sound cloud tabs open, 3 music blogs open AND ONE OF THEM IS BLARING MUSIC SOMEWHERE IN A DISTANT CORNER FORCING ME TO FIND IT AND PAUSE IT SO I CAN LISTEN TO THE SONG I WANTED TOO!

/end rant

I almost lost my sanity just trying to listen to this song, so I might as well post it.

>> Post #6: Code of Arms Records!

After kicking it to some Pandora playlists of dubstep I have fined tuned. I decided to dig a little deeper into some of the artists I was listening too. First think I came across was Chewie's myspace and after enjoying a lot of his work I shoveled my way towards his record label, Code of Arms Records. I realized that this homepage was a gold mine of new dub! I've actually been getting kinda sick of my current mix of dubstep, so why not spice it up with some deep underground filth? I bought a couple EP's and threw them into my dubstep playlist. I don't buy music often, but when I do I like to support upcoming artists. I want to say thanks to Chewie and his new crew Aka Joint Force for providing me with some new whomp.

So if you guys ever need new dub, make sure you poke around the artists you listen too. Google is your friend.

Usually I would end this with a link to some filth, but I can't find the song on youtube. So go to Chewie's myspace and listen to his first song (Magnetic). Its only a sample but my god! I can't get enough.

Found a link =)

I did some more digging, and I've come to realize the best dub out there you need to work hard to find!

Proper Villains!

Check him out!
Soundcloud  (free downloads here)

Friday, December 3, 2010

>> Post #5: Back to Dubstep

So I felt bad to those dubstep lovers after the last post. I know you guys want some whompy filthage, so try these links out for size!

Imma start it off big, I think this song deserves way more recognition then it gets and I can't get enough of it. My favorite Flux Pavilion remix of all time.
Gold Dust

That song is bumpin but lets go more hardcore.
Calypso by Datsik and Excision 
Pornstep by Dodge and Fuski 
Ginger Pubes by Cookie Monster 
Clap Your Hands by Drumsound and Bassline Smith
Geisha by Cyberoptix 

My next post will be about some softer, trippier dub so stay tuned!

>> Post #4: The Glitch Mob (more diversity!)

Now most people don't see The Glitch Mob as a dubstep artist but The Glitch Mob share alot of similarities. The Glitch Mob puts out great jams not quite as bass heavy or filthy but I guarantee most of you who read this will like their music. A lot of their songs are casted in Ski Movies such as Everyday is a Saturday. I would define The Glitch Mob as epic rather than filth. Its defiantly its own style of music not shared by many other bands. The only band off the top of my head that sounds like The Glitch Mob is Justice and in the links below you can listen to some of their more popular songs. When I think ski movie I think Ghosts N Stuff (Deadmau5), The Glitch Mob and Justice. These 3 bands have some of the best shredding songs ever.

I wouldn't think you would need a link to Ghosts N Stuff but here it is anyway =D.

The Glitch Mob: (I just downloaded their album "Drink the Sea" its great I suggest you guys check it out.)
Beyond Monday
Animus Vox
Drive It Like You Stole It

Waters of Nazareth  (takes some finesse to listen to and enjoy, but hey we listen to dubstep dont we?)
The O so popular D.A.N.C.E.

Hope you guys like these artists!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

>> Post #3: RADIO DUBSTEP!

Sup fella's was recently browsing around the dubstep scene when I came across a dubstep radio station. Its ez to download the stream and its got some great tunes! I've heard some of the more popular dubstep songs but I keep going crazy over the more underground stuff. The DJ's are amazing and there is even a chat room to talk to the other whompers listening to the beats.


Check it out!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

>> Post #2: Diversity

I realized that I posted a tad to many Bassnectar songs, so here are some non-Bassnectar songs.

Wall-E by Cyberoptix (Easy going)
What Do You Hear by Ajapai  (Hardcore dub)
Elmo's Song by Nikolais Javan  (Sesame Street dub!)
White Satin By Zed's Dead (Voted #1 for reason)
Pony by Ginuwine (Boston Remix) (Pretty sure there's a Family Guy sample in this song, haha)
Drop the World by Lil Wayne (Beatnick Remix) (The only Lil Wayne song I can actually listen too)

>> Post #1: A Lesson of Dubstep

As some of you might be able to tell, I have hopped on the bandwagon of the magical musical mash of Dubstep. Now most people think that Dubstep just popped up with the ever so famous song Sierra Leone by Mt Eden. Mt Eden has over 6 million views on youtube and I might add is a pretty bumping song. I even find myself bobbing my head slowly back and forth to this addicting tune when it comes up on shuffle. Alas the sick cuts and wobble didn't just crop up from nothing. Like most genres of music the modern day Dubstep associated with Bassnectar, Flux Pavillion, Doctor P (both signed by Circus Records), and Datsik are derived from the older DJ's who had less WHOMP and more jazz influences. Such as Skream and Burial, who produce a much smoother kind of Dubstep. I do enjoy these two older Dubstep DJ's and that type of smoother dubstep. Usually only when I want to chill out, relax, and let my mind float or do some homework. When I want to get my bounce on, I crank the bass and turn up the whompage.

Now there is a difference between what I call "Whompstep" and "Smoothstep". Whompstep is more of the everyday Dubstep that show up in the UFKDubstep Youtube channel and Smoothstep is a type of dubstep not as recognized. Mainly due to you party animals out there, because lets be honest here; who wants to dose up and go listen to some electrified jazz in this day and age? Party people want go out and feel the whomp pulsing through their bodies, while they lose their minds to sick bass drops and epic cuts.

I can see some people now scratching there head, not knowing what to make of the word whomp. Well Mt Eden has some very good examples of whomp. After the intro right as the main beat comes in, so does the whomp. Imagine your trying to sing the song like you would any other song that you've memorized. To make similar sounds as the song *at least when I do it* your find your mouth spews "wham wham wham" while making a fish face. That is what I like to call the whomp, the more Whompstep you listen to the more you recognize the whomp sample in the track. A track with some very prominent whomp is Kyrian Bee Bop by Bassnectar.

I will now leave you with these gems of knowledge and my favorite Bassnectar song straight off new his EP, WILD STYLE METHOD WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP!!! (I might be a little bias towards Bassnectar. I have seen him in concert, he is outrageously awesome and he blew my mind into outerspace).